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Packaging Machinery For Increased Efficiency

When packaging large volumes of pallets it's essential to have efficient equipment you can rely on to carry out the process speedily and efficiently in order to meet customer deadlines. Here at Ashcroft Packaging we supply top quality packing machinery at prices which are sure to impress. From carton sealers and strapping machines to pallet wrapping machines, we've got all you need to seal, strap, and wrap shipments of all shapes and sizes.

Increase efficiency in busy packing areas

The PMCS-100 carton sealing machine is the extra pair of hands you need in a busy packing area and is one of our best selling items of packing machinery. Easily movable to wherever your packing work is done it can seal the top and bottom of your carton simultaneously at high speed, saving on time and labour. Simple to operate with just the push of a button, it enables the operative to seal all types of boxes and cartons neatly and efficiently.

Time is money

If you're only dealing with a small number of items each day then strapping packages for storage or transport using a hand held tool isn't a problem. However, if you've got a large volume of packages to strap, then for maximum efficiency, you really should consider investing in a strapping machine. Remember, when it comes to your operation's turnover, time is money! 
We supply semi-automatic strapping machines which are proven to be fast and reliable. Suited to small and medium sized items, they require the user to feed strapping into it manually and require very little maintenance.

Pallet wrapping machines

If you're looking for a pallet wrapping machine for sale then you've come to the right place. Designed and built with economy, efficiency and safe operation in mind, the Orbitwrap 1000 semi automatic stretch wrapping machine is one of the best of its kind.
This top quality pallet wrapping machine comes with all the necessary features to wrap your pallet loads speedily and efficiently. This particular model also dramatically increases profitability through lower film cost per load when compared to wrapping pallets with stretch film by hand. Standard features include a removable ramp for pallet truck access, variable film carriage and turntable speeds, and a safety crush prevention device.

Let us help find you the right packaging machinery

The size of your operation, your budget, and the type of products on your pallets all need to be taken into consideration when determining the type of pallet wrapping machine and other packaging machinery that will work best for your business. If you need advice or guidance from our experienced team or just want to place an order, then give Ashcroft Packaging a call today.

Pacmasta PMCS-100 Side Drive Carton Sealer

$3800.00 $4000.00

Pacmasta TMS300 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

$1450.00 $1680.00


$6580.00 $7700.00