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Bubble Wrap Bags – Quick and Easy Protective Packaging

Our bubble wrap bags are a great way of protecting smaller items and help to speed up the packaging process too; which is why they are so popular in a variety of industry sectors. Air filled bubbles on the outside cushion the contents against everyday shocks while a smooth lined interior makes easy work of removing the items. What's more, because the pouches are semi-translucent, you can easily see what's stored inside without having to open it. Whether you're shipping batteries, tiny component parts, or jewellery, we've got just the bubble wrap bag to meet your requirements.

Bubble wrap bags wholesale

We provide our customers with a choice of 6 different sized bubble wrap bags with the largest bag being able to comfortably accommodate a wine bottle. Manufactured with a 10mm diameter bubble size, our bubble pouches offer increased cushioning performance due to a nylon barrier which retains air longer than their non-barrier bubble wrap counterparts.
Due to the growth of e-commerce, more and more products are shipped each day. Taking into account packaging, storage, and shipping, it can mean that any one item is on the road for several days, which is why protective packaging is so important.

Why use Ashcroft Packaging's bubble wrap bags?

Our bubble wrap bags are a superior product which will protect your goods during transit, cushioning them against vibrations and shock damage on the road. By wrapping your items in this material you can greatly reduce the risk of damage. In doing so, you minimise costly refunds and returns and the end result is a happy customer. In our book that's a win-win solution.
Other reasons to use bubble wrap bags include:
  • • Different sizes accommodate a greater variety of products
  • • Sturdy outer box packaging allows for easy stacking
  • • Bubbles conform to a variety of shapes for speedy packaging and less labour
  • • Shipping costs are reduced since bubble wrap is far lighter than other types of comparable cushion packaging
  • • Improved quality control since semi-translucency allows for quicker identification of the contents
  • • Insulation - bubble wrap bags insulate the goods inside and prevent damage from the cold. This can be useful whether you're storing your items in a warehouse or in the event they come up against climatic changes during transit
  • • Waterproof – Since the material is waterproof  it will protect your items from humidity and water damage. This is especially useful if your goods are packaged in an outer box for extra protection, which is not resistant to water.
Contact the experts at Ashcroft Packaging today to discuss your bubble wrap bags wholesale needs. With over 60 years experience in the packaging industry we can assist with any query. 

Bubble Wrap Bags Size 000 (450 Bags per Box)


Bubble Wrap Bags Size 00 (450 Bags per Box)


Bubble Wrap Bags Size 2 (300 Bags per Box)


Bubble Wrap Bags Size 4 (200 Bags per Box)


Bubble Wrap Bags Size 5 (200 Bags per Box)


Bubble Wrap Bags Size 6 (For Wine Bottles) (250 Bags per Box)