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Stretch Film and Pallet Shrink Wrap

Do you worry about the safety of the goods you ship to customers and distributors? Making the right choice of pallet wrap helps ensure all of the items reach their final destination intact.
Pallets that are loosely-stacked can easily fall over during transport resulting in serious financial losses. Here at Ashcroft Packaging we have a wide range of stretch film pallet wrap, and other wrapping supplies, to meet all your shipping and business needs.

Hand and machine stretch film

As a leading supplier of top quality packaging supplies we specialise in pallet wrap film and offer several stretch film solutions at very affordable prices. These include cast stretch film machine pallet wrap, hand pallet wrap, black pallet wrap, and polythene pallet top cover sheets. Our stretch film comes in different sizes and thicknesses so there's sure to be one to suit your specific needs. In addition to this, we also supply dispensers and wrapping machines to maximise packaging efficiency and provide optimum protection during storage and shipping.

Pallet shrink wrap

Palletised loads are quickly stabilised by using polythene pallet covers which shrink tightly once heat is applied, offering superb protection from dirt, dust, and moisture. If you want to conceal  valuable goods from prying eyes then black pallet shrink wrap offers the ideal solution.

Why use pallet wrapping in your business?

If you're considering pallet wrapping for your business then there are many benefits to be had, including:
  • • Cost efficiency over a longer period
  • • Safer transportation
  • • Reduced business expenditure
  • • Low operating/maintenance costs
  • • Easy to operate on a day to day basis
  • • Promotes health and safety in the workplace
  • • Time efficient and reduces the use of manual labour
  • • Increases work productivity and output

Selecting the right pallet wrap

Finding the right pallet wrap or stretch film for your particular application and business needs is crucial and when faced with numerous options, knowing which one to choose can be a little daunting.
Our team are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of pallet wrapping and can offer expert advice and guidance to help you choose a pallet wrap that is right for you and works with any existing automatic machinery you may have. Why not get in touch direct with our friendly team today and discover the advantages of the various types of stretch film and pallet wrap that we offer.

50cm x 1305m 25um Machine Stretch Film (1 Roll)


Stretch Film 50cm x 1305m 25um Machine (Pack of 5 rolls)


50cm x 1305m 25um Machine Stretch Film (Pallet of 50 rolls)

$2375.00 $2450.00

Pallet Top Cover Sheets (1 Roll)


Stretch Film Dispenser (Heavy Grade) (1 Dispenser)


Bundling Film Value pack